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QA(Quality Assurance)/QC(Quality Control)

With the goal of customer`s success, CGO industries manages organization in accordance with QA/QC System and has tried for continuous improvement to provide the services which have the best quality, safety and reliability.

QA/QC Management Policy
- Thorough Quality Management and Securing high
- Contribution for customer satisfaction and social   growth by using QA/QC System
- Zero-defects by using QA
- Securing competitiveness by developing new   technology and method of construction through   research and development
- Fully awareness of Quality System and Conduction   works by procedure

Quality Management System
- Planning Quality Management (QA/QC) System and
  Feasibility study
- Engineering, Procurement Management
- Construction, Supervision, Delivery and Service
- Evaluation and Approval
- Follow-up Management
- Compliance with ISO9001 Certification

HSE(Health, Safety, Environment)

To fulfil the Green System that having the first priority on human dignity and coexistence with nature, We have operated the standard HSE system in international standard which is systematic and sustainable in our service and products.

HSE Management Policy
- Compliance with relevant regulations
- Assessment of entire risk factor
- Assignment of professional workforces required for
  training and supervision of HSE
- Provision of effective and appropriate sources for   HSE
- Smooth communication and Acceptance of an
  opinion about entire relevant facts
- Regular diagnosis of HSE system, and continuous
  practice for improvement
- Realization of Disease-free, Disaster-free and

  • Diagnostics of working environment
  • Improvement of working environment
  • Employee health examination
  • Preliminary evaluation of risk in working environment
  • Systematic Safety education
  • Active practice of safety guidelines
  • Continuous safety management and monitoring
  • Compliance with ISO9001 certification
  • Minimize the environmental pollutant
  • Development of Eco-friendly technology

QHSE manual

13 IMCA_Guideline for The Use of EPI  
12 IMCA_Guidance on Drug and Alchol Policies_Breath Testing  
11 IMCA_Guidance on BST and VI for NPWO  
10 IMCA_EMS_ISO 14001  
9 DNV_Rules for Classification of Diving System  
8 BV_Rules for the Classification of Offshore Units(Part B)  
7 BV_Rules for the Classification of Offshore Units(Part A)  
6 ABS_QHSE & E Guide  
5 ABS_Part_7_e-Sept14  
4 ABS_Part_2_e-July14  
3 ABS_part_2_alandfrp  
2 ABS_Part_1_Ships  
1 ABS_part_1_offshore  
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