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Recently, Renewable Energy becomes a more and more important field due to unstable oil price and restrictions of The Climate Change Convention etc. Renewable energy means the energy converted from existing fossil fuel and converted energy from renewable energy such as sunlight, water, geothermal heat, precipitation, organism, etc.

Offshore wind farm is alternative renewable energy of onshore wind farm to solve the problems of onshore wind farm such as limitation of installation place, noise problem by enlarged turbine and visual repulsion. Despite of technical difficulties and high cost, offshore wind farm has attracted attention as a new, future energy field of the future because it can solve the problems of the onshore wind farm and has advantages such as construction of large scale wind farm and equalized high speed wind in comparison with onshore wind.

CGO Corporation registered as an expert company of renewable Energy(Wind energy) and has focused on technical transfer and localization of the technology through interchange of ideas and alliance with offshore wind power companies of Europe to strengthen offshore wind farm which is next-generation growth power.

In addition, CGO completed Offshore wind turbine generator and jacket installation for Tamra offshore wind farm project (30 MW). It is the first commercial wind farm project in South Korea. We are making a constant effort to be Total Solution Provider in onshore/offshore wind power energy.

Slide 1Jacket and wind generator construction

Slide 2Jacket and wind generator construction

Slide 3Jacket and wind generator construction

Slide 4Jacket and wind generator construction